Monday, 9 January 2012

Scarf with Diamond and Bobble pattern

I think white lace scarves are especially pretty. So here is the beginning, after knitting for 3 hours:
 I was going to visit someone on 1st of January so I took it with me, to pass the time in the train. But it was really nice outside - it was snowing and then sun was shining... So I didn`t get to knit much...
 And here it is 8 more hours later:
The length now is 47 cm, from the lower tip untill the knitting needles. After blocking it will be even more... I think it will be quite big scarf, so there will be more and more hours. The start will be quite quick because it is quite small in the beginning and there are not so many stitches. But the amount of stitches I have now is alredy getting bigger, and scarf is growing slower...

After 250 stitches on my knitting needles the pattern was getting boring, so I casted it off. After blocking it looked amazing!
 Zooming in to better overview to this pattern:
 Measurements are 188 cm x 88 cm.
And it looks like it needs an edge lace. I have to knit it separately and then stitch it to the main part of the shawl.
And here it is with the edge lace. I knitted it directly to the main part.

But I have to say it was a mistake, because I should have knitted it seprately. Then the edge curves are much stronger...
After blocking it AGAIN the measurements are 97 cm x 196 cm. Weight: 60g.
Yarn is Merino lace, Merinos Extra, bright white color.

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