Monday, 9 January 2012


The first book I wanted was about Estonian traditional lace knitting, called Haapsalu sall (Haapsalu shawl). Sadly, they made this book twice: first one was in Estonian language: 
and second one was in English:
But then I discovered that I did not have enough patience to make those Haapsalu shawls, because there was supposed to be at least 100 stitches for knitting needles 3-3,5.
So then I finally found this book by Nancy Bush, Knitted Lace of Estonia:
I like thise book because it has different patterns for different shapes and sizes. And the patterns! Those Estonian nupps (nupp= in Estonian it means "bubble").
And now I am a happy owner of new book that was published in Estonia in October, Haapsalu rätt. This scarf has to be in a shape of a square, and there are also patterns for triangular shawls.
And the good thing about this book is that it is already in two languages - Estonian and English!

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