Monday, 9 January 2012

Light blue poncho

My nephew`s 12 year old daughter Anett saw this poncho I made for my mum:
 and she asked me to make her one as well. And her favourite color was light blue.
 So here it is! It has 3 cm of 2 knit, 2 purl. Now it is 34 cm long and 66 cm wide. It is probably too wide for her, but then she could wear it when she is older!
  I brought this light blue ribbon as well so this is how it will look like. It took 600 m of Kiddy Mohair (3 skeins) and also light blue cotton thread. Knitting needles number 4, again. I just didn`t think it will  take so many hours to finish it... The wavy lower edge is especially nice, a little bit romantic even.
Pattern and the main idea comes from
She doesn`t know I already made it, so it will be a big surprise for her!

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