Sunday, 28 October 2012

Cabled bolero from Vogue Knitting Winter 2006

I found this bolero few years ago, but I could not find the issue or the pattern anywhere!
Leidsin selle boolero paar aastat tagasi, kuid ei leidnud kusagilt ei ajakirja ega mustrit!

But I just got lost in Osinka forum, and found on the forum the link to instructions!
Kuid just ekslesin Osinka foorumi lehtedel, ning leidsin foorumist ka lingi juhendile!

It is possible to make it as bolero, kuid you can make it into longer jumper (pics are from the same link).
Selle võib teha lühikeseks booleroks, kuid soovi korral saab ka pikemaks kampsuniks kududa (pildid pärit samalt lingilt).

I know my bolero will be red, from Estonian sheep wool, but I am not sure how long the sleeves or the jumper itself will it be...
Ma tean, et minu oma saab olema punane, Eesti lambavillast, kuid ei tea veel, kui suureks ja pikaks kampsuni või varrukad ma teen...


  1. Am really struggling, can anyone just help me out with the first pentagon. I am the medium size. I have tried my best to figure it out. Am stuck. It says begin with the 30 stitches in medium (5th row) but it has only 28 stitches exclusing the selvage stitches surely? Can anbyody give me an idiot's type way just to get into that first pentagon. Will so appreciate

  2. Am b.t.w. doing the cabled bolero by Vogue #2 2006/2007

  3. Can you please send me email :)