Monday, 12 December 2011

Ethereal shawl

I had a little yarn left over from light blue Haapsalu shawl. So I took a risk and started Ethereal shawl. I wasn`t sure there will be enough yarn for it:
 But I managed to finish it, and I think there is enough for one lacey scarf:
 So here it is:
This scarf will also be walking in Szeged, Hungary on an Estonian lady :)

Mystic forest

I found this shawl from ravelry, and I love this pattern! It is very mystical, isn`t it:
 So here it is in bright yellow:
 I changed the lace edge pattern, because I thought the lace edge pattern I chose will let the scarf pattern stick out more:
 And here it is in white:
 With my lace edge pattern:
I have big green one as well, but I only finished the main part, need to work out the lace edge pattern...

Dark purple and red

And here is dark purple merino lace scarf with spirals-pattern:
 This is without edge lace pattern, so it`s quite plain.
 Here is dark red scarf, with Greta Garbo 2 pattern (from the book "Haapsalu shawl"). I just love the pattern with hearts...

Green and Blue and Purple

And here is an other scarf from the book "Knitted lace of Estonia" by Nancy Bush. Pattern is just beautiful with those leaves, isn`t it?Here it is before trimming:
 And here it is after trimming:
 The lady who wanted it asked it without any edge pattern:
 And there is a purple lace scarf. I knitted the lace edge to main part again. I don`t manage to calculate the number of stitches right, so it is easier for me to do it that way:

 And again I had some leftover green merino lace yarn and I managed to do a narrow edge lace. What to do with this one...?
 I found yarn to match the green, so here it is:
 And here is an other one, very bright blue one. Pattern is "õnnelehekiri kividega" from the book "Haapsalu shawl". As you can see this scarf is with edge lace:

Baby dresses

I started with lace knitted dress for Alice, who was born 4 months too early:
 I loved the buttons I found for that dress:
 And there was some yarn leftover from the "leaf and peacock scarf" and I made a narrow lace. Then I noticed that the lace is almost transparent and I cannot really see the flower pattern. So I made an other lair in dark red, so that you could see the pattern better. 
And the lace part was too small for something big (for grown-ups I mean), so I got some nice purple-black-red yarn to match it! 
 And I must say baby Alice looks much better in strong colors than in usual baby-girl pink...
 Here are red and cute kitten-buttons:

AN other knitted skirt

Here is again a knitted skirt:
 I crocheted the waistline again. And then started knitting. At first I had the grey yarn, then added black cotton, and purple and green as well.
And then I made a bad to match the skirt:
 Here is the skirt on me:
 And here is the scarf as well!

Grandmother`s jumper into a skirt

My grandmother made herself once a jumper. But 30 years later it had a hole in one of the sleeves. And my mother is being brilliant ofcourse, and wanted to throw it away. But I managed to get it, and I changed it into a skirt. Jumper body part was a bit too short for a skirt, so I found that in my mother`s drawer was the same material, but in different colors. I crocheted the waistlinewith black, white and yellow:
 And crocheted some motifs as well for lower part of the skirt (sorry about the bad quality, but you`ll get the idea):
 And here it how it looks like now:


In August I made an other scarf from the book by Nancy Bush, "Knitted Lace of Estonia":

 This beautiful scarf is walking around in Essex, UK.

Grey jumper and pink-red set

So there was still some jumper material and I thought to make an other set, but this time in pink and red. The owner of this set already got a flower scarf, so therefore it was easier to make the bad and wrist-warmers to match it:

At first... there was a jumper

My mother put a nice grey jumper into a washer and it came out a bit too small. So I looked at it and thought what to do with it. It was in size XL, and after washer it was size XS:
 So I changed the jumper into a bag, and added few crocheted flowers on it (like in blue Vogue flower-scarf) and some pearls as well. And from the sleeves I made some mittens, also with some pearls and flowers:
 And here it is on me:

I think the set is walking around in Finland. I gave it away for charity and it was sold by the church in one of the markets in Findland :)

Fair trade ;)

On Saturdays there was a big fair in Tartu, Estonia for second hand things. And when I usually pay 5.90 for merino lace (100g, ca 1500m), then there I found this merino material for 10 euros only:
 And here is all my merino lace now:
 With the purple merino lace I just couldn`t get my hands away from it. I instantly noticed a scarf for it, from Nany Bush`s book "Knitted lace of Estonia". Pattern is called "leaf and peacock".
 The happy owner is a an Estonian lady who lives in Hungary at the moment.


In July it was very hot summer in Estonia, so knitting didn`t seem like a good activity. So I crocheted a skirt. Again, the main colourful material is a jumper from second hand shop for 20 euro cents, and the pink one is from the shop...
 So there is a bag now too to match the skirt:
 And here is the happy owner: