Monday, 9 January 2012

White scarf for my kneece

I I made this already in UK, but I needed to finish the edge lace. Here is pattern, Lily of the Valley:
 Blocking the scarf on a towel on the floor:
 It was really tricky, I must say. I blocked already half od it when I realised it does not have even edges. One upper corner was a little longer than the other one. So i removed the needles again, measured the both distant points of upper corners, and started again. I had a little cold and a little fever, so it was really irritating...
 But I knew the result was worth it, wasn`t it?
When ever I am knitting lace scarf my friends say that I always complain that it looks so ugly. And it really does! It looks wrinkled and I cannot really see the beauty of it, untill you block it. After blocking you can see the pattern, and the beauty of it.

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