Monday, 12 December 2011

Green and Blue and Purple

And here is an other scarf from the book "Knitted lace of Estonia" by Nancy Bush. Pattern is just beautiful with those leaves, isn`t it?Here it is before trimming:
 And here it is after trimming:
 The lady who wanted it asked it without any edge pattern:
 And there is a purple lace scarf. I knitted the lace edge to main part again. I don`t manage to calculate the number of stitches right, so it is easier for me to do it that way:

 And again I had some leftover green merino lace yarn and I managed to do a narrow edge lace. What to do with this one...?
 I found yarn to match the green, so here it is:
 And here is an other one, very bright blue one. Pattern is "õnnelehekiri kividega" from the book "Haapsalu shawl". As you can see this scarf is with edge lace:

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