Monday, 9 January 2012

New book and purple scarf

The moment my feet were on Estonian soil I started sneezing. And yes, 8 hours later I had cold and fever. Which ment I had to be in bed. So I took my new book "Haapsalu Scarf - square and triangular lace scarves from Estonia" (by Siiri Reimann and Aime Edasi). Here is the beginning of the purple scarf after 2 hours of knitting:

Pattern is called "Road pattern", in Estonian "teekiri". In a book it is supposed to be with a edge lace that you knit seprately and then stitch it to the main part of the scarf. But I liked it without the edge pattern. So I decided to finish it withoutthe edge lace.
And here it is, ready (after blocking):

 I really wanted to make it bigger, but I was looking at the yarn and I really liked the color. So I was hoping to make 2 scarves out of it. So this is the first dark purple scarf:
Too bad I didn`t measure it, because I was visiting someone on the 1st of January and I took the scarf with me. I had a feeling I might give it away for present. And I did.
I used knitting needles number 4 (EU size). Yarn was mixture of wool and mohair, very easy to knit!

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