Monday, 30 January 2012

End of January - scarf from malabrigo baby merino lace

I got Malabrigo yarn for Xmas present. it is 100% Baby Merino Wool, approx 470 yards, 50 grams. Color was 192 periwinkle, as I found from their website. It is actually colorful, lighter and darker purple.
Anyway, here is a little scarf I made for myself:

I like long scarves. So I made it quite narrow, with 51 stitches. Now it is 22 cm wide and 192 cm long. Weight is 50grams.
I wanted to take some photoes wearing it around the neck, but it got cloudy outside. Maybe tomorrowI will be more lucky :)

Scarf with Diamond and Bobble pattern 2

And here is an other Diamond and Boble scarf. Merinos Extra, in natural white, creamy color.

 Without curvy edge lace as you can see...
 It is possible to wear it like this, on a jacket or jumper:
Measurements 82 cm x 150 cm. Weight: 44 g.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Estonia and snow

I found this somewehere. It is quite like Estonian flag colors... Blue is the sky, black is the homeland`s soil and white stands for hopes, actually.
On the 1st of January I was in southern part of Estonia. It was beautiful, a little snow, and the blue sky and the sun...
 Sunshine by the lake...
 Here is my Estonian flag-photo:
 A little snow on the grass:

 Interesting green color on the branches...

It was a beautiful day for a walk in the nature...

Light blue poncho

My nephew`s 12 year old daughter Anett saw this poncho I made for my mum:
 and she asked me to make her one as well. And her favourite color was light blue.
 So here it is! It has 3 cm of 2 knit, 2 purl. Now it is 34 cm long and 66 cm wide. It is probably too wide for her, but then she could wear it when she is older!
  I brought this light blue ribbon as well so this is how it will look like. It took 600 m of Kiddy Mohair (3 skeins) and also light blue cotton thread. Knitting needles number 4, again. I just didn`t think it will  take so many hours to finish it... The wavy lower edge is especially nice, a little bit romantic even.
Pattern and the main idea comes from
She doesn`t know I already made it, so it will be a big surprise for her!

Scarf with Diamond and Bobble pattern

I think white lace scarves are especially pretty. So here is the beginning, after knitting for 3 hours:
 I was going to visit someone on 1st of January so I took it with me, to pass the time in the train. But it was really nice outside - it was snowing and then sun was shining... So I didn`t get to knit much...
 And here it is 8 more hours later:
The length now is 47 cm, from the lower tip untill the knitting needles. After blocking it will be even more... I think it will be quite big scarf, so there will be more and more hours. The start will be quite quick because it is quite small in the beginning and there are not so many stitches. But the amount of stitches I have now is alredy getting bigger, and scarf is growing slower...

After 250 stitches on my knitting needles the pattern was getting boring, so I casted it off. After blocking it looked amazing!
 Zooming in to better overview to this pattern:
 Measurements are 188 cm x 88 cm.
And it looks like it needs an edge lace. I have to knit it separately and then stitch it to the main part of the shawl.
And here it is with the edge lace. I knitted it directly to the main part.

But I have to say it was a mistake, because I should have knitted it seprately. Then the edge curves are much stronger...
After blocking it AGAIN the measurements are 97 cm x 196 cm. Weight: 60g.
Yarn is Merino lace, Merinos Extra, bright white color.

New book and purple scarf

The moment my feet were on Estonian soil I started sneezing. And yes, 8 hours later I had cold and fever. Which ment I had to be in bed. So I took my new book "Haapsalu Scarf - square and triangular lace scarves from Estonia" (by Siiri Reimann and Aime Edasi). Here is the beginning of the purple scarf after 2 hours of knitting:

Pattern is called "Road pattern", in Estonian "teekiri". In a book it is supposed to be with a edge lace that you knit seprately and then stitch it to the main part of the scarf. But I liked it without the edge pattern. So I decided to finish it withoutthe edge lace.
And here it is, ready (after blocking):

 I really wanted to make it bigger, but I was looking at the yarn and I really liked the color. So I was hoping to make 2 scarves out of it. So this is the first dark purple scarf:
Too bad I didn`t measure it, because I was visiting someone on the 1st of January and I took the scarf with me. I had a feeling I might give it away for present. And I did.
I used knitting needles number 4 (EU size). Yarn was mixture of wool and mohair, very easy to knit!

Light blue scarf for my great aunt Ella

This is the scarf my mother found. I made this a year ago and it was just somewhere in my mum`s closet waiting for its rightful owner.
 It is the Leaf pattern.
Scarf is 20cm wide, and 220 cm long. I think she will love it. 
Yarn is Estonian 100% wool, color is light blue. And I added Kiddy light blue Mohair next to it.

White scarf for my kneece

I I made this already in UK, but I needed to finish the edge lace. Here is pattern, Lily of the Valley:
 Blocking the scarf on a towel on the floor:
 It was really tricky, I must say. I blocked already half od it when I realised it does not have even edges. One upper corner was a little longer than the other one. So i removed the needles again, measured the both distant points of upper corners, and started again. I had a little cold and a little fever, so it was really irritating...
 But I knew the result was worth it, wasn`t it?
When ever I am knitting lace scarf my friends say that I always complain that it looks so ugly. And it really does! It looks wrinkled and I cannot really see the beauty of it, untill you block it. After blocking you can see the pattern, and the beauty of it.


The first book I wanted was about Estonian traditional lace knitting, called Haapsalu sall (Haapsalu shawl). Sadly, they made this book twice: first one was in Estonian language: 
and second one was in English:
But then I discovered that I did not have enough patience to make those Haapsalu shawls, because there was supposed to be at least 100 stitches for knitting needles 3-3,5.
So then I finally found this book by Nancy Bush, Knitted Lace of Estonia:
I like thise book because it has different patterns for different shapes and sizes. And the patterns! Those Estonian nupps (nupp= in Estonian it means "bubble").
And now I am a happy owner of new book that was published in Estonia in October, Haapsalu rätt. This scarf has to be in a shape of a square, and there are also patterns for triangular shawls.
And the good thing about this book is that it is already in two languages - Estonian and English!