Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Cashmere scarf

I ordered some cashmere from amazon.
Tellisin natuke kašmiiri amazon`ist. 

And here is what I`ve done with it.
Ja siin on näha, mis sellest tuli.
Scarf is 38 cm wide and 180 cm long.
 Sall on 38cm lai ja 180 cm pikk.
 Pattern is called waterlily. I found it from here.
Mustriks on vesiroos nuppudega. Mustri sain siit.

Willow leaves with nupps

I knitted this lace scarf for my friend Sille. She asked the color to be natural white.
Scarf is 35cm wide and 185 cm long.

Kudusin pitsilise salli sõbrale Sille. Ta palus naturaalset valget värvi.
Sall on 35 cm lai ja 185 cm pikk.

Triangular shawl Piret

There is Estonian knitter that organized secret knitting on Facebook. Secret knitting means that you get a part of the pattern every week and it was knitted in February, so there were 4 parts in this pattern. Shawl is called "Piret".

Eesti sallikuduja ja mustrite tegija korraldas salli Piret salakudumise Fb-s. Veebruarikuus saime seega igal nädalal ühe jupi mustrist, seega 4nädalaga sai sall kenasti valmis.

Green willow leaves patterned shawl/ scarf

This is the scarf I`ve made almost a year ago:
Siin on samblaroheline sall, mille tegin pea aasta tagasi:
 Here is an other green scarf with willow leaves.
Ja siin on veel üks, lehekirjaga pitsiline sall lumel.


Scarf is 20cm wide and 150 cm long.
Sall on 30 cm lai ja 150 cm pikk.