Monday, 9 April 2012


It all started from this yellow merino lace wool. At first I made this shawl, pattern is called "Mystic forest" (you can find the pattern here). Anyway, after finishing the shawl it took me some time to find the right edge lace pattern for it.

 So here is the shawl after blocking with lace edga pattern. I did knit it directly to the shawl, although according to traditional Haapsalu shawl the lace edge is always knitted separately and later stitched to the main part of the shawl. I guess they did not have circular knitting needles then, did they?
 So I had a little yellow yarn left after making this wonderful bright yellow shawl. So here is a little sample of a pattern I chose for it:
 My plan is to knit a kimono style top. Yellow upper part (because there is not enough yellow yarn to knit all the top from it), and lower part with different colours. Here is the sample of what I had in mind:
 After blocking the yellow parts and stitching them together I made the waist part as well. Waist part is knitted with circular kneedles.
But I am quite not happy with the way it turned out! :( I guess it might end up as a dress, but the idea is not quite ripe yet!

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