Monday, 12 December 2011

Knitted doily

I remember when I was a teenager we all had to knit doilies at school. I enjoyed knitting mittens and gloves, because it wasn`t doing the one thing only, you had to be careful making the fingers and you had to be creative as well. Anyway, I tried knitting some doilies. This first one I think was called Spiralen:
 The patterns of those 2 I found in one old Estonian magazine. The material is old jumper I found in a second hand shop! I liked the color, and it had a golden string in it as well, so it is quite festive:
 This pattern is called Queen Anne`s Lace. It was much larger, but I got bored after the row number 109, so I finished it earlier. Material is again an old cotton jumper. My sister has this at her house:

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