Thursday, 20 December 2012

Muhu slippers - Muhu pätid

Here are some pics about footwear (can`t really call them slippers) made in Muhu embroidery. 
When there were no shoes available people made their own! 
Siin on mõned pildid jalanõudest, mis Muhu tikandis tehtud. 
Kui jalanõusid polnud saada, tehti need endale ise!
(fotod pärit Käsitöökeldri poest Tartus)

Here is also one photo of older slipper.
Siin on üks vanemat sorti näidis.

I like this embroidery. My mother likes sewing. Who knows what might  turn up from this combination...?
Mulle meeldib tikkida, emale meeldib õmmelda. Kes teab, mis sellest koostööst sündida võib...?

And some more works from the same handicraft shop in Tartu:
Veel töid samast käsitööpoest Tartus:

Tiny purses, for 23 euroes.
Väikesed rahakotikedes, 23 euro eest.
A little cover for your glasses.

Just a little sample of flower arrangement.
Näidis lillede kombinatsioonist.

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  1. I just wanted to say that "slippers" doesn't only mean the soft slippers worn with nightgown or bath slippers, but also most footwear made of fabric, like ballet slippers, 19th century fashionable footwear, shoes people wore in Middle East etc.